Netflix Saves 71-Years Old New York’s Paris Theater From Shutting Down

Netflix saves Paris Theater

New York’s 71 years old the single-screen theater was saved from shutting down by a big giant. The Paris Theater, which was the only single-screen theater was closed earlier this year. Now reopened with the new owner Netflix. This fall Netflix the biggest online screening platform announced a lease agreement. The agreement stated that Netflix … Read more

Netflix Decides to Release ‘Agent King’ based on Elvis Presley

Netflix Decides to Release 'Agent King' based on Elvis Presley

Netflix has announced to release a series based on the Elvis Presley. The announcement was made on the 42nd death anniversary of Elvis. According to Netflix, the series will be an adult animated comedy series titled as “Agent King”. The Animated movie will be based on the “Elvis and Nixon” which was seen on the … Read more