Protesters don cement shoes to protest vegan milk charges at Starbucks

A group of protesters stepped into boots embedded in concrete outside a Nashville Starbucks on Thursday, blocking the shop’s entrances and exits and waving signs to “end the vegan upcharge” on plant-based milks. The campaign — meant to emphasize that protesters won’t budge from efforts to stop the Seattle-based coffee giant charging extra for non-dairy … Read more

Peter Thiel’s $13.5 dream home in New Zealand is doomed

Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture capitalist and founder of PayPal and Palantir Technologies, may seem to have it all — but he isn’t as fortunate when it comes to having his own property in New Zealand. Specifically, his dream of building his “doomsday” home on his 477-acre mega-estate, which he purchased in 2015 for $13.5 … Read more

CNN’s news coverage should be ‘more centrist’: John Malone

Key WarnerBros. Discovery shareholder John Malone reportedly denied involvement in CNN’s decision to ax Brian Stelter this week and cancel his “Reliable Sources” program – but called for the network to return to non-partisan coverage. Malone, a billionaire board director at WarnerBros. Discovery and close confidant of CEO David Zaslav, said he had “nothing to … Read more

CNN boss signals ‘time of change’ after Brian Stelter exit

CNN boss Chris Licht told staffers that “more changes” are coming following this week’s announcement that “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter will exit the network and his show will be canceled. “This is a time of change, and I know that it’s unsettling,” Licht said of Stelter’s exit during a Friday meeting of employees, adding: … Read more

US airlines should provide free meals during travel chaos: Buttigieg

US airlines should provide a free meal to passengers whose flights have been delayed and lodging for those that had their trips canceled due to ongoing travel chaos, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg asserted in a letter to the CEOs of top carriers. Buttigieg called ongoing flight disruptions across the US “unacceptable” as Americans prepare for … Read more

SALT reform still simmering as insiders vow to continue the fight

Blue-state homeowners may be miffed that Democrats failed to scrap the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions as part of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act — but they should instead be relieved that the cap wasn’t extended further, political insiders tell The Post. That’s because political will within the Democratic leadership to repeal … Read more

Meta and TikTok can track everything you type on in-app browsers: researcher

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok’s iPhone apps are capable of tracking everything users type in their in-app internet browsers, according to warnings from a security researcher. All three popular social media apps say they don’t track sensitive user data like credit card information, passwords and addresses that is entered through in-app browsers — but it would … Read more

Chipotle releases lemonade-scented ‘Water’ Cup candle in nod to drink thefts

National Lemonade Day is Saturday, August 20, 2022 — and Chipotle is commemorating the day with a new candle: the “Water” Cup Candle.  Chipotle announced it would be selling a limited-edition lemonade-scented soy candle that looks just like a Chipotle water cup. The fast-food chain gives out water cups for free to customers — but some people tend to “accidentally” … Read more

Wayfair to cut 870 jobs as CEO cites inflation pressures

Shares of Wayfair are sliding by more than 15% after the discount furniture retailer said it’s axing 870 jobs or 5% of its workforce, the company said on Friday in a regulatory filing. The Boston-based retailer said the cuts were part of its previously announced efforts to manage its growing expenses.  About 10% of the … Read more

Trader outrage as Ryan Cohen bags $68M selling Bed Bath & Beyond stock

‘Meme stock’ icon Ryan Cohen infuriated some Redditors after bagging an eight-figure payday while dumping his entire activist stake in struggling retailer Bed Bath & Beyond. Cohen, the billionaire founder and GameStop chairman, disclosed that his firm RC Ventures had exited its position. Cohen earned a $68.1 million profit on the stock, generating a … Read more