Obit of Texas man who died of COVID-19 includes ominous warning

Obit of Texas man who died of COVID-19 includes ominous warning

If things weren’t weird enough during this pandemic scenario, a Texas man is now growing popular after his weird or better said “Ominous” death from coronavirus came with a warning that said, “May Karma Find You All.”

This man, named David W. Nagy, got his fair share of recognition after his eulogy was shared widely over the social media platforms. The eulogy was initially published on 30th July over the local newspaper named Jefferson Jimplecute.

Now, the obit that got so much attention mentioned that Dave did all that he could have done in his life, but you (the government) did not. His eulogy also shamed them & mentioned that karma would surely find them all. As per the obituary, his death is to be blamed on a fleet of politicians that include President Trump & Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas.

As per his family members, his death was completely needless. They blame David’s death along with that of several other innocent folks on Abbott, Trump, & many other politicians that failed to take the pandemic seriously. They were concerned more about the popularity & votes as opposed to the lives of the common folks.

Not just that, the obit also adds that several other ignorant, selfish, & self-centered people are to be blamed for his death that refused to wear masks. This passion-filled remembrance was a eulogy penned down by Stacey, Nagy’s wide who commented that she wrote the same because his death wasn’t something that shouldn’t simply disappear, among others.

As per the website Snopes, his wife felt great that this obituary went viral, garnering 9000+ likes & 3000+ shares over Twitter. She also mentioned that she is angry with the fact that people aren’t exactly taking his death in a serious way while referring to the negligence practiced by American citizens over the COVID-19 virus that has managed to kill a minimum of 155,000 Americans.

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