Lenny Dykstra alleges mass Mets conspiracy in Ron Darling rant

Following a judge’s ruling to dismiss his defamation and libel lawsuit against former Mets teammate Ron Darling, Lenny Dykstra claimed Darling and Mets owners, the Wilpons, were “all-in” on conspiring against him in a series of confusing, profanity-laced videos posted to Twitter on Monday night.

While filming himself on the side of a freeway, Dykstra explained that his Uber had just been rear-ended by someone who he referred to as “a bunch of hillbillies.” But it wasn’t “as bad” as the news that a judge dismissed his case against Darling, who detailed a racist incident involving Dykstra in his autobiography “108 Stitches: Loose Threads, Ripping Yarns, and the Darndest Characters from My Time in the Game.”

“It’s not as bad as the judge’s decision to dismiss my case,” Dykstra said. “I’m still coherent enough to know that. I ain’t done with Mr. P [Darling] by a long shot, OK? Ron Darling and the New York Mets were all-in on what can only be defined as the biggest fraud in the history of the game. And the fans, the fans that played like fools, they made them look like idiots, and now they’re going to pay.

“When you f–k with Nails, you get the f–king hammer, you hear me?”

Dykstra, 57, took a few more shots at the Wilpon family, who have had a stake in the Mets since 1980 and sole ownership since 2002, saying “they’re f–king done, stick a fork in those motherf–kers.”

“On a day I learn about some judge that, who knows, I mean, whatever kind of ruling is that?” he said. “But it don’t matter, Mr. P has got to answer to a lot more. Because I got all kinds of shit, on him, the Wilpons, all of them, they’re all in on it, OK? And I’m going to prove it. When I do an interview with an AP writer and expose them, because I have documented proof, documented motherf–ker. You know what that means? That means I can support what I say.”