Is Your Smartphone Tracking Your Every Move?

Indeed, it does. It is not a problem to detect the exact location of your smartphone and your route with a device in your hands/pocket/bag. Modern technology has made all this possible. Tracking the location of a person can be done without violating the laws of your country. This service is provided by a large number of mobile operators. What is more, you can also use special mobile online services for this purpose. In addition, geolocation detection is set by default in some smartphones.

How Does It Work?

There are different ways to determine the location of a person. Some of them require you to enter the username and password of the user you need to find, but in other cases, you can even go without these data.

#1 – Phone Tracking Apps

One of the ways to determine the location of a user is by using a phone number tracker program. In this case, a special app should be installed in a target gadget. And it will do all the work for you – from GPS tracking to sending all incoming/outcoming data to the external server that you can easily access.

phone number tracker

If the user has two-factor authentication installed, the application will bypass it and the person will not be notified about someone trying to detect his location. You can even read data on someone else’s device through the application.

#2 – Using the Data From the Local History Service

You can also view the history of movements on the Location History website. There, you will see a map showing where the user was and when. Data is collected via GPS and Wi-Fi; it is available for a long time and can be accessed by using the actual account of the user.

#3 – Searching for a Person by Phone Number Through Mobile Operators

One of the most affordable and legal ways to determine the geolocation of a gadget is to contact a mobile operator. The popular majority of companies provide customers with this information. The phone search can be automatically included in the tariff services, or it can be added at the request of the subscriber.

The tracking algorithm for local operators is approximately the same. They use the LCDS platform for this purpose, which reads the location data of the gadget with the permission of its owner. Of course, this service is not free, and each operator sets its own tariff, but there is also the possibility of a trial subscription. This is useful for parents who have not yet decided whether they need to track their child’s location or not.

Does It Make Sense?

As you can see, there are multiple ways of determining the current location of a mobile phone. So, you shouldn’t wonder if a smartphone is tracking your every move. It really does.