Afraid Of Public Speaking? Simple And Helpful Tips!

Does the next public speech give you stomachache days in advance? Does the closer the date of the presentation get, the more the fear spreads? You already see yourself in front of your audience: sweaty hands and thoughts of escape, your pulse reaches unimagined speeds and in no time, you become an electric eel! You are not alone! Fear of speaking causes panic for many. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We have put together helpful tips for you on how to overcome your fear of giving a presentation and of speaking.

Stage Fright Issue?

The positive first: stage fright is completely normal and useful. Even very experienced speakers are afraid of their presentation. Every public appearance is accompanied by slight tension and nervousness. That’s not bad at all. As your body releases adrenaline, your focus and attention increase. Your body only focuses on this present situation and enables you to perform at your best.

Fear of speaking, on the other hand, is a social fear. This fear is also called logophobia. The fear of giving a presentation is actually based on the fear of rejection, embarrassment, and failure. We don’t want anyone to know we’re scared – and that only makes it worse. Our thoughts go on a merry-go-round: “I’ll make a fool of myself, and everyone thinks I’m stupid”, “I’m sure they’ll laugh at me afterward!” In one way or another, the same film unwinds over and over in our heads.

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How To Overcome The Problem

Overcoming the fear of speaking (unfortunately) takes a lot of time and practice. Grandma’s well-intentioned advice along the lines of “Just imagine everyone naked!” doesn’t help either. Often this fear is deeply rooted in the mind and not so easy to shake off. It requires a lot of discipline, courage, and patience. But before you lose courage, it’s best to read our tips first.

It’s All About Preparation

If you prepare yourself well, it gives you security. Familiarize yourself with the topic and prepare yourself for possible questions. Realize that you are the expert in the room. You know more than everyone else. For this reason alone, you can confidently enter the room and leave your nervousness behind. Especially you don’t need to worry if your speech is written by a high-class service like  PayforEssay.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It may sound old-fashioned, but it helps. Present your presentation to yourself in front of the mirror. Or record yourself on video. Seems uncomfortable, but nobody sees it except you. So, you can observe your own body language and identify weaknesses in the presentation. You can also memorize the text better if you also hear it. Present your presentation to your family or circle of friends. It’s strange at first, but if you take it seriously, your audience can give you suggestions for improvement and praise. This way you can go into the actual presentation even more safely.

Body Language

Body language is so important. Because how you move and gesture affects not only your audience but also your subconscious. If you stand in front of your audience with slumped shoulders and a rounded back, you make yourself small. Gather your courage, straighten your shoulders and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Force a smile on your face before the presentation. Even if it doesn’t feel 100% right, it automatically pours happiness out of you. If you want to know more about posture as a form of communication or the Superman pose, read a book or do some research on the Internet. We would also recommend you research the best writing services for your future assignments so that you wouldn’t be overloaded with assignments.

Helpful Exercises

Certain breathing exercises can help you slow down your heart rate and manage your fear of speaking. There are many different breathing techniques that can help you relax. When you’re excited, your breathing is shallower and less deep. If you are relaxed, you breathe more evenly and more into your stomach. You can trick your mind by forcing your body to breathe into your belly. You will automatically become calmer. So, try to consciously breathe calmly and deeply before your presentation.

Overcome Your Fear Of Speaking!

If you want to lose your fear of speaking, it won’t happen overnight. It is important that you are patient with yourself and do not drive yourself crazy. But if you take our tips to heart and try to implement them little by little, the fear of the presentation will become less and less.

Try to get out of your comfort zone more often, even if it’s difficult. Especially during your studies or at school you can still try yourself. Eventually, your studies will be over, so use it as a chance to improve yourself and reduce your anxiety. Look for small challenges. And never forget you are not alone with your fear.