How Long Is a Decade and Why?

A decade is a period comprising of 10 years. A century is a period comprising of hundred years, a millennium is a period comprising of thousand years. There are several stories and reasons as to why the name decade came about to represent 10 years.

December was the tenth month in a year according to Roman Calendar. In today’s times, we use the Gregorian Calendar. Also, the Romans used the term DEC to prefix anything which comprises a collection of 10 things. For example, Decathlon is said to be a set of 10 athletic challenges. A decagon is a 10-sided regular-shaped polygon. Any event that occurs in every decade is called decennial.

Significance of decade 

Anything that occurs in hundred years is known as a centennial and any event that occurs within thousand years is called a millennial event. The years between 1990-1999 Is the last decade of the 90s. Whereas the years between 2000 to 2009 is the first decade of the 2000s.

The term which specifies a collection or a period of a period generally starts with 10. There is no term specifically designated to mention periods that are 5, 20, 30, or 40. After a decade, it’s generally a century, even 50 is specified as half a century only.

Importance of decade at a personal level 

You need not use decade only to describe the historical events that shaped up the entire globe in 10 years. There are a lot of studies that suggest that many humans have taken significant life decisions when they approach the end of a decade. They see a beginning of a new decade as a new epoch.

A lot of self-realization leads to better choices in life. A period of 10 is very significant as generally, humans tend to make goals comprising of a span of five years. They try to work hard for the first five years and if it doesn’t work out then they put in extra efforts to make it work in the next 5 years. This leads to a span of 10 years getting completed.

If it had been a success, there is so much excitement and happiness driven out of it. If it was a failure, there are so many life lessons to take out of the span of 10 years that just passed by. They take everything forward as they try to figure out what they will be doing in the next 10 years.

20’s decade at a personal level and a global scale 

The period between 20 to 29 is one of the most significant decades of a human’s life. He/She is at the final year of his/her under graduation and is about to step into the real world to carve domain for themselves in the ever-challenging workspace atmosphere. The twenties involve a lot of making and breaking. A lot of people don’t tend to take this period very seriously as they feel they have a lot of time lies ahead of them, but many psychologists suggest that the twenties is the period when the final stage of brain growth takes place and

beyond that, it is just building on the foundational knowledge they have garnered over the years.

1920-29, 2020-2029 

Speaking historically, 1920-29 of the last century was much significant in bringing out the League of Nations, which provided a level playing field and a platform to discuss issues that were hampering the growth of every single nation in the world. The first step for bringing about peace in the world order was brought about in the 1920s only.

Ever since the setting up of an institution like the League of Nations, the world has seen patterns repeating over and over again like the ones that happened between the years 1920-29, the only differences being the development of science and technology which just shaped up the patterns and also enhance how the patterns took various dimensions in the world space.

One could again see a drastic change with the coming in of 2020 and the global pandemic setting in which drastically changed the way people work to interact with each other, how even great nations could fail etc.

2020 has set the benchmark and also serves as a starting point of something which could change the methods and procedures in which the world was operating as such. The 20s are seen as something which brings about new ideas to an individual.

When an individual is inflicted with one single idea, he could impact people around him and that would, in turn, produce a major effect on a global scale.

Taking anecdotes, examples, analogies, illustrations from the past both as an individual and on a global scale, we can see that a decade holds a lot of importance in evaluating growth at every level.

Importance of 2020 

There has been very little growth in science and technology ever since 1500-1900. Less growth denotes the stages of development that have not taken place at a very rampant level. The world has developed and progressed at a much slower pace than what’s happening in today’s date.

Most countries in the world welcomed the deployment of technology in everyday life since the 1990s. However, the first half of the 21st century is seen as something which would turn the world upside down.

The power centers would be split and instead of one single player in the world, there could be multiple players. Political instability, climate change, artificial intelligence is going to impact human life drastically.

Different statistical tools, data collection methods, and other means of data analysis are being carried out to predict what could be the plausible future. This is one of the times in human history where it is getting hard to predict what could happen in the next 30 years.

From this, you could see that the decade holds prime importance in both an individual and global expanse. The decade is one of the most important periods to learn understand and grow. There is so much reasoning involved behind How long is a decade and why and this is vital to know how we could progress in the coming years and you can get more information on the same at After all, humans are not immortals and we need to divide the years we sustain on the planet into proper time durations to evaluate and make the best possible use of our lives.