YouTuber Marina Joyce found Safe and well

YouTuber Marina Joyce is “safe and well” – boyfriend Brandon Mehmed confirmed through an Instagram post. Marina was missing from her home since 31st July. Police confirmed that Marina reported missing on Friday.

Brandon said that his previous post was for all Marina’s fans who were worried about her. Now everything will be move in a professional manner. He requested people for not to suspect anything as she will soon explain her missing story.


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I was going to leave it but I think too many people want an explanation but this is as much as I can give

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When marina’s missing news get viral, Missing people charity released an appeal for 22-years old. In the appeal, Missing people wrote: “ We are here for you whenever you are ready, we can talk to you, listen to you. We pass a message for you and help you to be safe”.  They openly request marina to call or text them any time on 116000.

After Marina’s Boyfriend, Instagram Post “she is safe”, Charity officially closed the appeal. Now Missing people charity confirmed that Marina had been located.


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During Marina’s, missing period, hashtag #Safemarinajoyce began trending in the US and UK.

About Joyce work

Joyce YouTube channel is a mixture of fashion lookbooks and makeup tutorial. She last posted a video on her youtube channel at the end of June.

In 2016, a video titled “Date Outfit Ideas” marina looked panic and was secretly begging for help.  Marina appeared to whisper Help Me and her arms were bruised.

Joyce Revelation about spirituality

Joyce revealed that she had discovered secrets about life after death. She knows how to contact humans during the afterlife.

She also revealed to her fans that she wanted a shrine where she can meditate and guide and help spirits.

Now Marina soon will upload a video and reveal all the story by herself.

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