Young Actors’ Retreat: 5 Things We Learnt About Kim Yoo Jung, Park Seo Joon, Hwang In Youp And More From Korean Variety Show

Korean variety shows are yet to gain mass acknowledgement worldwide but we feel people are missing out on amazing content by not watching them. The Return Of Superman, the longest running TV show in South Korea, is one of the funniest variety shows we have ever watched. Documenting the life of celebrity toddlers in their own homes is so fun to watch. One other variety series which has made us its fan is the Tving’s Young Actors’ Retreat which streams on Viki. It has some of the biggest names from the Kdrama land living together and playing games. It is also a reunion party for many as it brings together the cast of three popular series – Itaewon Class, The Sound Of Magic and Love In The MoonlightItaewon Class Actor Park Seo Joon To Join Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel 2; Here’re Five Kdramas Of The Actor You Can Binge-Watch On Netflix.

So you have Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon, Kim Yoo Jung, Hwang In Youp, Ji Chang Wook, Kwon Nara, Ahn Bo-hyun, Jun Jin-Young, Chae Soo-bin, Lee Joo-Yung, Ji Hye-won, Kim Bo-yoon, Ryu Kyung-soo and Kwak Dong Yeon. Quite obviously we got to learn a lot about their personalities. Here’s what we have gathered about them so far:

Park Seo Joon

This man has no fear of ghost or he has defeated fear. During the task where they are supposed look for passcode in a haunted abandoned school with ghost props, he managed to get to the end without screaming, cringing or squirming. He was simply unbelievable. But then he isn’t good with games, as of now! Hope to see him do better in that!

Kim Yoo Jung

It was the first time we learnt that Kim Yoo Jung has directed a short film at the age of 13 and one of the cast members is part of this show. She walked up to Kim Bo Yoon, a member of the Sound of Magic team, and greeted her. Yoon didn’t even expect her to remember her from the movie but Jung did. Despite her age, Yoo Jung looks quite mature and calm while doing the activities. She is all of 23! She is also quite considerate of her team members as she tries give Bo Gum from getting hit by water through a water gun.

Hwang In-Youp

In-Yeop may not be the youngest in the show but he is fast becoming the darling of show, audience and actors alike. He is just so adorable. He is shy, takes time to open up but is making constant effort to speak to everyone. He is scared of ghosts and some daring activities like zip lining but he doesn’t refuse to opt for it. He has won a fan in a lot of members of the show already!

Ji Chang-wook

Wook loves people even though he claims he is an introvert. The moment the teams reached the base, he reunited with every actor he ever worked with. He admits to In-Yeop, he is looking at this retreat as a means to reconnect with his friends. Also, he is so charming and now we know, it isn’t all an act. Ji Chang wook is a charmer in real life too, period! Yes he is scared of bugs but then aren’t we all?  Lee Min-ho, Ji Chang-wook, Nam Joo-hyuk – 5 Kdrama Men Who Broke Away From The Typical Romantic Hero Mould in The First Half Of 2022.

Kwak Dong Yeon

Dong Yeon is our new boy crush! He has such great energy. He makes everyone smile and he doesn’t have to know them personally for that. If you have loved him in Vincenzo and Big Mouth where his funky personality fills the entire room, he is exactly the same in real life, if this show is to be believed.

As for the rest of the cast, we are yet to form an opinion, although Ryu Kyung Soo seems like the exact opposite of his devilish roles in movies and shows. Stay tuned to this space to know what we think about the rest of them.



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