You Won’t Believe How Team USA’s Olympic Uniforms Have Evolved

You Won't Believe How Team USA's Olympic Uniforms Have Evolved

Meet U.S. Olympic Surfers Competing at Tokyo 2020 Games

When fashion and sports go hand-in-hand.

It’s hard to believe but in just one day, the highly anticipated 2020 Tokyo Olympics will officially commence on July 23. Taking American style to the next level during the Summer Olympic Games? Ralph Lauren, who will once again design a collection of uniforms for Team USA. (It’s a tradition the brand has upheld since 2008!)

As if that weren’t exciting enough, another American icon will get to create USA-themed loungewear for athletes: Kim Kardashian


But before the former E! star and Ralph Lauren were enlisted as the official designers of the U.S. Olympic team’s uniforms, Halston, Levi Strauss & Co. and many other fashion powerhouses crafted unforgettable looks for that nation’s finest competitors.

Long before Diplo and Lil Nas X made Western fashion trendy, Olympians wore a rancher’s shearling jacket, plaid shirts, cowboy boots and hats during the ’80s. Moreover, Florence Griffith Joyner dazzled crowds with both her lightning speed on the track field and her one-of-a-kind outfits.

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