Yankees’ top prospect Jasson Dominguez ‘wants to be the best player in the game’

Jasson Dominguez may still be years away from seeing the field at Yankee Stadium, but the 17-year-old outfielder is still putting in the work back home in the Dominican Republic.

Gio Rodriguez, Dominguez’s agent, recently spoke with Mike Mazzeo of Forbes, detailing how the Yankees’ young outfield prospect has been working hard to reach the big leagues, while putting aside all of the hype coming his way.

The raw talent is there for Dominguez, says his agent, but so is the willingness to listen to those around him to become the best player he can be.

“He’s a rare breed,” Rodriguez told Forbes. “When he walks into a room, he’s not your prototypical 6-foot-4 ballplayer. He doesn’t look like Aaron Judge or Giancarlo Stanton. He was a shorter kid who already had a thicker build and just got after it and decided to really build up his body, working on his explosiveness, his core, his legs, his upper body. From an early age, he identified that he needed to bring something else to the table.

“He’s always listening. He wants to get better. That’s his separator.”

Signed by the Yankees in July 2019 as the top international prospect on the market, Dominguez is already the number one prospect in the Yankees’ farm system according to MLB Pipeline, ahead of both Clarke Schmidt and Deivi Garcia.

Listed currently at 5-foot-10, 190 pounds (though he’s likely to add more muscle in the coming years and appears to already be doing so), Dominguez could become a five-tool player for Yankees, hopefully locking down a spot in their outfield for years to come.

Of course, he’s only 17, but if a quick route to the majors is something Dominguez is faced with, Rodriguez believes he’s mature enough to handle whatever comes his way.

“His work ethic and maturity is wise beyond his years, and I think baseball is going to see something really exciting continue to happen,” Rodriguez told Forbes. “We’ve had the Fernando Tatis Jrs. and Ronald Acunas of the world. I think this kid is going to be equally exciting because he’s a worker. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t believe the hype, but he’s going to prove a lot of people right in thinking that he’s the next star, and look out for it because it’s going to be something special.

“Jasson Dominguez wants to be the best player in the game. That’s his goal.”