WWE Universe Furious Over NXT Women’s Tag Team Title Match ‘Screwjob’

WWE Universe Furious Over NXT Women's Tag Team Title Match 'Screwjob'

It seems like Nia Jax has become synonymous with controversy, but this time, she is not alone. The WWE Universe is calling out Jax, Shayna Baszler, and WWE official Adam Pearce over the Women’s Tag Title ‘screwjob’ on WWE NXT this Wednesday.

The Women’s Tag Team Champions were coming down to NXT to go up against the first-ever Dusty Rhodes classic tag team tournament winners Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. The champions were dominant from the beginning.

However, the match raised some eyebrows with its controversial finish. Baszler locked Raquel into the Kirifuda Clutch while Kai fought with Jax on the ringside. As Jax knocked the referee out, WWE official Adam Pearce rushed in with RAW referee Shawn Bennett.

Bennett announced the match to be over as Raquel passed out from the Clutch. However, Raquel was not the ‘legal’ tag in the ring. It was Dakota Kai who was still at ringside. As a result, Nia and Shayna kept the titles, making the fans furious.

Many fans argued that Kai and Gonzalez were robbed off their opportunities. The duo won the tournament and got the title opportunity, only to be humiliated.

Beth Phoenix, Adam Pearce, and more weigh in on the controversial WWE NXT Tag Match

Following the match, Adam Pearce took to Twitter to congratulate the women. He wrote, “Just witnessed an incredible BATTLE for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Standing ovation and total respect to all four women!!!”

However, WWE Hall of Famer and NXT color commentator, Beth Phoenix, argued that the screwjob was a ‘travesty of justice’ and demanded Pearce to fix it.

WWE referee Shawn Bennett wrote he just “called the action that was in front of him.” Pearce commended him for acting upon his duties.

“I am grateful to have had you at the ready when Aja Smith, unfortunately, went down,” Pearce said. “Don’t listen to the vitriol, Shawn. You called the action in front of you and none of us can ask any more than that. Total respect to the four incredible women in that battle!”

Fellow NXT superstar Ember Moon wrote, “I’m not gonna lie… I don’t even like Raquel or Dakkota Kai but they got screwed tonight.”

Following the match, Adam Pearce had a word with NXT General Manager William Regal. Following their heated argument, Regal announced he will have an announcement that will “change the landscape of WWE NXT.”

What do you think the announcement is? What are your thoughts on the botched finish? Let us know in the comments below.

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