Wrath of Man Review: Guy Ritchie’s Action Thriller Starring Jason Statham Receives Less ‘Wrath’ From the Critics!

Wrath of Man Review: Guy Ritchie’s Action Thriller Starring Jason Statham Receives Less ‘Wrath’ From the Critics!

The latest film which is the hot topic of discussion is Wrath of Man. With many theatrical as well as streaming releases in the pipeline, this action-thriller is serving some much-needed entertainment in the life of moviegoers. Starring Jason Statham, the flick is a remake of the French film Cash Truck. Helmed by Guy Ritchie, the early reviews for Wrath of Man are out. The interesting takeaway is that the actor and the filmmaker have collaborated for the fourth time with this project. And as per the critics’ review, the movie has fewer giggles and more action. Ramyug Review: Kunal Kohli’s Modern Ramayan Is Visually Appealing but Lacks the Essence, Say Critics.

Den of Geek: “Wrath of Man will certainly appeal to heist movie fans and satiate most moviegoers in need of a post-lockdown theater fix. The last half hour is truly gripping stuff, even if much of the plot hinges on coincidence and convenience. Statham fans will have little to quibble with here besides the fact that he doesn’t get the chance to spout off some zingers.”

Collider: What’s most impressive about Wrath of Man is how it discards everything familiar after the end of the first act. In the first act, you think you know what this movie is and it’s going to go into the canon of “Jason Statham Murders Everybody” and even if it were only that film, I would kind of be okay with it.”

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Variety: “Rather than merely rehashing Boukhrief’s ideas, Ritchie comes up with striking, original set-pieces, favoring the aforementioned discipline of Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” (and before that, Michael Mann’s “Heat,” which shares this film’s industrial-looking Los Angeles backdrop) over his own more flamboyant M.O. of swooping camera moves and variable film speeds.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “Ritchie and his fellow screenwriters offer a few more “x months earlier/later” bounces beyond the point at which they have twists left to unveil. Since Wrath’s several action scenes have plenty of crime-flick appeal, one wonders at the reasons for their contortions.” Small Dark Look: Jason Statham to Lead Martin Zandvliet’s Crime-Drama.

The Guardian: It’s never exactly dull, but it is a tad too long with arguably a flashback too many for a film this simple (this is not the labyrinthine thriller it so wants to be), revealing too much while also giving us an ending that misses an important logistical beat, stretching incredulity just a little too much.”

Well, going by the above reviews, we feel, that Wrath of Man is a safe watch. The movie is out in the US on 7 May and in the UK on 23 July. Stay tuned!

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