Why was Jeffrey Epstein allowed to purchase small women’s panties from the Palm beach jail?

After the sex assaulter’s death, Palm beach Jail reported that on one occasion Jeffrey Epstein bought two pairs of women’s small-sized panties. The panties were so small that it won’t fit an average-sized adult woman. Well within a jail you are allowed to make a limited number of purchases.

In fact, it was one of the most disgraceful purchases made by the sex assaulter in a jail. The man who was into sex trafficking and was charged for forcing underage minor girls into the trade was pleading for bail.

The purchase log mentions clearly about all his purchases. His top purchase included single-serve cups of coffee. The purchase of the panties raised eyebrows of many.

A male inmate who wasn’t even a father to a child and a human trafficker was allowed to make a purchase of female panties. The main question lies why did the jail authorities allow him to make such a purchase?

What did the Pam beach Jail authorities explain?

The women’s panties were certainly not meant for the sex trafficker. In fact, the stock of jail held both female and male belongings separately. Jeffery himself bought his shoes, middle-sized briefs, and sweatshirts from the jail’s store. Therefore, eyebrows continue to rise because the women’s panties were of no use to the sex trafficker.

After the reports came out on Friday Sheriff Ric Bradshaw faced intense criticisms. In fact, now his department is under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The investigation also revealed that the sex assaulter received special treatment.

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At times, he was permitted to stroll around outside his cell. It is against the rules and regulations of the jail. There is another investigation going on by the investigators. The biggest query is despite all the security within the jail how did the criminal manage to commit suicide?