Why Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to take revealing pictures anymore

Kim Kardashian has always been an example of someone who always pushes the limits of sexy dressing. But this time, Kim found in some modest looks. It seems like, Kim is toning down her signature sexy style. Isn’t it surprising to see this change in Kim’s styling?

In past months, everyone has seen a change in Kim’s dressing style. On New York’s cover page, Kim appeared in wearing a modest look. Even, normally also she’s wearing lots of high necklines and long sleeves.

These looks probably wouldn’t be surprised if anyone else wearing them, but this is Kim. Everyone used to see her in sexy clothes that reveal a lot of skin. But it would draw attention if they suddenly got to see Kim in so buttoned-up leather pants.

Kim Kardashian reveals the reason behind the change from her sexy styling to modest styling

In an interview, Kim revealed the reason behind the dramatic shift in her style. Kardashian said she feels like she’s entered a different phase in her life. Now She’s working as a criminal justice advocate, studying to become a lawyer and caring for her four children. And She doesn’t feel appropriate to dress in a revealing way.

She added that it’s uncomfortable with how revealing pictures she has social media. That at one point she can’t even scroll through her feed when her kids are present.

But fans believe that husband Kanye West is the real motivation behind Kim’s new look. Kanye has recently undergone a religious conversion, becoming an enthusiastic evangelical believer. He always wanted Kim to wear more fashionable and sexy looks, but that has all changed with his new beliefs.