When Drivers Don’t Pay Attention, Motorcyclists Can Be at Risk

Many people ride motorcycles instead of driving cars because of the freeing feeling they get from it. However, although it can be fun to ride, there are also many dangers posed to motorcyclists. Drivers of cars and other, larger vehicles put those on motorcycles at risk for serious accidents and injuries.

Many factors can come about that can put a motorcyclist at risk while they’re on the road. Of course, riding unto itself is risky for anyone. Motorcycle drivers are under serious threat when on the road if other road users do not pay extra attention to them. Certain dangers are very common when drivers of cars aren’t completely careful while sharing the road with motorcycles.

Oncoming Traffic

A driver who is riding in oncoming traffic can get into an accident with a motorcycle if they aren’t paying as much attention as they should while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many people get distracted while driving. Whether the individual is using their cell phone, eating, or simply daydreaming, distraction can lead to an accident. A motorcycle is so slim and open that the rider can suffer serious injuries if clipped and knocked down.

Turning at Intersections

Intersections are very dangerous for motorcyclists as it is, but when drivers are careless, distracted, or reckless, they’re even worse. It’s very common for motorcycle riders to have harrowing experiences with other vehicles while turning at intersections. Too often, drivers pull out in front of them to go past them and are likely to sideswipe the motorcycle.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are always dangerous, but they can be deadly for motorcyclists. If the driver of a car isn’t paying attention and brakes too late while a motorcycle is in front of them, they can hit the motorcycle from the rear. This can cause the bike to skid across the ground and send the rider flying, which can result in very serious injuries that can even prove fatal.

Opening Car Doors

Often, when drivers open their car doors, motorcycle riders are alert enough to avoid a problem. However, every so often, this is something that puts motorcyclists at risk for crashing. If the rider is traveling fast and the person opening the car door is unaware of them, it can be a huge problem and result in serious injury.

Cars Changing Lanes

When drivers of regular cars change lanes, they can often miss seeing other vehicles, especially motorcycles. Cars have blind spots that can put other vehicles at risk. Additionally, many drivers are negligent and may not always check their mirrors or look over their shoulder before making a lane change. If this occurs on the highway, a motorcyclist can suffer grave injuries from a crash with a car.

Why are Motorcyclists So Vulnerable?

Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable than drivers of cars and other larger vehicles due to a variety of reasons. While safety features like airbags and seatbelts are available in cars, motorcycles lack these types of protections. Motorcyclists are also exposed due to motorcycles having such an open design. If a car gets into an accident, a driver and their passengers may be able to walk away without injuries. By contrast, a motorcyclist has a far greater chance of suffering serious injuries after an accident.

Recovering Damages After an Accident

If you suffer injuries after your motorcycle was involved in an accident with a car whose driver was at fault, you have the right to recover damages. You can recover compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills: You can recover damages such as medical bills, ongoing treatment, rehabilitation, and costs for hospital stay.
  • Lost and future wages: If your injuries prevent you from working even only temporarily, you can claim for that financial loss.
  • Pain and suffering: After such a serious accident, it’s only natural to experience constant pain. You are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Disfigurement: If the accident left you disfigured, you can recover financial damages.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: If your injuries prevent you from enjoying activities you once loved, you can recover compensation.
  • Loss of companionship: This is a type of damage you can claim if the accident and your subsequent injuries have changed your relationship with your loved ones. Your spouse or children can sue the at-fault driver.

Contact an experienced attorney if you suffered injuries after a road accident while on your motorcycle. You are entitled to expert legal advice. Your lawyer can help you to prepare your claim.

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