What Kind of Promotions Should Players Expect From a Bingo Operator?

Playing bingo is already fun without many incentives being offered. But sometimes, operators decide to make things even more attractive by offering some sort of promotion to get players going. Unfortunately, some of these promotions might not be as innocent as operators may want you to think and might cost you more than they help.

Protecting yourself from such schemes is essential to having a good online bingo playing experience. But what are these promotions, and what do you look out for?

In this article, we will look at different kinds of online bingo bonus and let you know how to select good offers. So, if you’re ready to get appropriately incentivized, keep reading to learn more.

First Deposit Bonus

Suppose you’re new to bingo and just making your first deposit on an operator’s platform to start playing. The first deposit bonus will help you accrue more cash for playing purposes. Online bingo sites provide new customers with large percentage bonuses on their first and only first deposits.

For instance, if a site offers a 100% bonus on the first deposit and you make a £200 deposit, you will get a £200 bonus. Raising your total deposit to £400. However, there are terms and conditions an operator will expect you to meet, which is worth the bonus in this case.

Deposit Bonus

Once you get your first-time bonus, you might wonder if that’s the end of your deposit bonus. But worry not. Online casinos offer deposit bonuses, also known as reload bonuses, to players who make subsequent deposits after the first.

They work similarly to first deposit bonuses, where players are awarded a percentage of their deposit. However, the bonuses are not as large as the initial one and usually depend on how large the deposit amount is, but they still give you a leg up. For example, an operator may offer a 20% for £50 and a 30% for £100 deposit bonus.

As with most of these bonuses, there will be terms and conditions to them, so ensure you find out what they are. In addition, if it’s your first time on an online casino site, ensure you first get the first deposit bonus before utilizing deposit bonuses.

Referral Bonuses

We are sure you have heard of the Amazon affiliate program. Online bingo referral bonuses operate the same. If you have not, this is how referrals or affiliate marketing works. If you go to an online casino and like their games, rewards, and how they operate. You will naturally want to tell your friends about it.

However, instead of just spreading word of mouth without any reward, you can join the online casino’s affiliate program. This will enable you to get a unique code you can share with your friends that they can use to also join the online casino. Earning you a bonus every time someone uses it to join the casino’s online bingo.

Designated Promotions

These are promotions specific to bingo games or a particular game on an online platform. They do not extend to all players or games. If an operator is offering designated promotions on bingo in a particular period, you stand a chance of winning more than just your bets.

For example, an operator may be trying to increase the number of visits to their site on a particular day. So they offer a coupon that’s only redeemable on bingo games and only for that day. So ensure to check if your site has any promotions running and take full advantage of them.

No Deposit Bonuses

Operators know that some visitors are undecided about joining their online bingo platforms. So, to encourage and convince them to join their programs, they offer them no deposit bonuses to try out their services. They essentially give you free money to play bingo on their site without you having to make any deposit.

These bonuses allow you to dip your fingers into bingo without risking your cash. In addition, operators allow you to feel out their games to help you decide whether you want to make a deposit and continue or look elsewhere. Therefore, before committing your money to a bingo site, check if they offer no deposit bonuses to help you confirm if their kind of bingo is your kind of bingo.

Stakes Promotion

Also known as stake and get, these promotions almost always require you to spend cash on something to earn the reward. For example, a promoter might require you to spend £10 in a featured bingo room to earn 1000 bingo tickets you can redeem the next day. These promotions keep things interesting, though you need to look closely at their terms and conditions.


These are everyone’s favourite types of promotions. You don’t have to make a deposit, spend cash, or jump through some sort of hoop to earn them. All you need is to be a registered member of the online bingo site to claim your reward. Unfortunately, they are rare and short-lasting. But we can’t help and think that casinos would do way better if they had more freebies.


Playing online bingo is fun and convenient and also comes with a few different perks. However, before taking operators for their word, it’s always good to check if the promotions they offer you really add up. Even if you benefit from some of them, a pessimistic approach will help to capitalize on opportunities and keep you from entering into unfair pacts.

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