Weight Loss Surgery Actually Changes People Lives

Weight loss surgery has previously known only for adults with severe obesity. Now, Pediatricians recommend it to be more accessible for children and teens with severe obesity too. 

According to a report, by the year 2030, the world will have more than 250 million obese kids. It’s a Warning!

weight loss surgery - obesity child

So, The American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends metabolic and bariatric surgery for children and teens with severe obesity.

The recommendation made on surgical treatments for children and teens with severe obesity is published in the medical journal Pediatrics.

Avery Feinstein’s Story of Treat her Severe Obesity

Avery Feinstein underwent a gastrectomy when she was 18 years old to treat her severe obesity. She recommended the new AAP “awesome”. With this, she wants more awareness to be raised for adolescent bariatric surgery. 

She said this surgery changed her life. ” I hope it will help other people change their lives too at a young age,”. “It helped me so much to make who I am now”. 

The surgery made Feinstein complete a six- month diet and an exercise plan. Feinstein suggests that people need to change their lifestyle if they are going to choose this surgery.

Bariatric Operations has the ability to alter physiology 

According to Dr. Marc Michalsky, surgical director, said bariatric surgery as a treatment strategy was developed around the early 1960s.

Then in 1991, the National Institutes of Health formalized clinical guidelines describing “weight loss surgery”. They described it as a treatment option for severe obesity, but those guidelines were just for adults.

Along with this, weight-loss surgery has been found to resolve many health conditions. This includes diabetes and hypertension, in adolescents. 

According to Michalsky, an author of Teen-LABS, “it is the real power to eliminate long term and excess body weight.”