WATCH: When R-Truth Sneaked Into Jon Moxley’s House for an Epic Prank

WATCH: When R-Truth Sneaked Into Jon Moxley's House for an Epic Prank

Ron Killings aka R-Truth and Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose share a real-life friendship. Both of them are known for their eccentricity and entertaining mic skills. Since they are really good friends of each other, it is expected that they would go to each other’s houses. Although we might not see all those interactions, we got to see one last year.

R-Truth Scares Renee with the help of Jon Moxley

Last year on R-Truth’s 47th birthday, Moxley’s wife Renee Young(now Paquette) shared a hilarious video on Instagram. The video showed the duo of Moxley and Truth pranking Renee by hiding Truth in a closet. When an unsuspecting Renee opened the door, R-Truth gave her a classic jumpscare.

Renee wished Truth “Happy Birthday @RonKillings1 may you continue to randomly show up at my house and scare the 💩 out of me”

See the hilarious video below –


R-Truth replied, “Thank you Renee!!! 😂😂that will never get old!!”

The funniest part of the video has to be the sound of Jon Moxley laughing his guts off in the background as his wife screams strong insults at R-Truth. This video proves how friendly WWE Superstars are, beyond the ring. It also makes us realize just how funny R-Truth can be.

That was not the last time Moxley pranked his wife. Last year in July, Moxley scared Renee with a huge cardboard cut out of a bear. Read more about that hilarious prank here.

A lot of things have changed since the video. Jon Moxley and Renee Young both left WWE. Moxley found his footing in the rival company AEW. He even became their AEW World Champion.

R-Truth also became a champion,39 times to be precise! With the introduction of the WWE 24/7 Title, R-Truth made his own hilarious record and gave the fans some good laugh.

We hope to see more fun videos from the Moxley Family and R-Truth.

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