WATCH: Tyson Fury’s Cousin Dominates Opponent to Win Pro Debut

Joshua Frankham has registered a successful pro debut against a veteran gatekeeper in Kevin McCauley tonight.

After going all four rounds, Joshua Frankham has beaten his rival on the judges’ scorecards. However, it was not a cut-out easy work for the Briton. Being Tyson Fury’s cousin, Frankham had a lot of eyeballs on him tonight.

Well, that’s not the only reason for all the attention he is receiving. Before turning into a pro, Frankham had an impressive run at the amateur level. Thus, he was expected to leave a similar impact on his professional debut. While he did not disappoint his fans, there’s much more to note from his first contest.

Joshua Frankham’s performance will definitely make Tyson Fury proud

In his maiden fight, Joshua Frankham took on Kevin McCauley, who has triple-digit losses on his resume.

McCauley is in a win-drought for the last three years, showcasing a professional record of 15 wins, 207 losses, and 12 draws. That said, he is clearly not an in-ring terror for the professionals. However, considering his vast experience, Frankham had to stay alert throughout the fight.

Also, McCauley gave him all the reasons to remain focussed. The 40-year-old put on a commendable performance and outstruck Frankham multiple times. However, he was instantly fed back with action too. Following a close first-round, Joshua Frankham picked up the pace from the second round.

He landed some significant strikes on McCauley and comfortably advanced himself on the papers. It could have also been a KO win for him if McCauley did not show the heart of a lion. He ate some big hooks from Frankham and still remained on his feet.

That said, Frankham had to keep up the pace to secure the win. Talking about all the action and effort, Frankham finally got the last laugh on the judge’s scorecard.

However, both boxers shared the same spirit as they hit their gloves after the official results. Well, it will be a tough road ahead for Kevin Kevin McCauley. After taking the load of his 208th career loss, he will have to hunt for another debutant or an interesting matchup now.

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