Warriors’ Stephen Curry Can’t Contain His Uncontrollable Excitement Over His 2-YO Kid’s Basketball Skills

Warriors' Stephen Curry Can't Contain His Uncontrollable Excitement Over His 2-YO Kid's Basketball Skills

Warriors’ Stephen Curry entered the league carrying the burden to match and surpass the legacy of his father. Dell Curry, 56, played for 16 seasons and retired when a young Steph was a 14-YO teenager. By then, it was certain that his son would someday enter the NBA drafts and play in the league.

Perhaps history is ready to repeat itself once again with Steph’s son. Stephen and Ayesha Curry have three kids: Riley Elizabeth Curry (8), Ryan Carson Curry (5), and Canon W. Jack Curry (2). Chances are strong that by the time Steph announces his retirement, Canon will be around 8 and ready for his school’s basketball team.  

Stephen Curry and his wife are raising another generation of NBA greats

Recently, Ayesha, Steph’s girlfriend whom he married in 2011, posted a video on her Twitter handle that garnered amazing reactions. The adorable video showed a tiny Canon trying his best to dribble the basketball like his champion father. 

Canon can apparently also spot his uncle Damion Lee (Steph’s brother-in-law) on television and recognize his moves. Another video that Ayesha posted captured the toddler yelling “eurostep!” It seems like a third-generation is ready to claim the throne in the coming years!

The Warriors’ legend is also excited with the thoughts of this strong probability

In an interview with radio broadcaster Tim Roye on 95.7 The Game, Curry shared his fatherly excitement. He laughed and expressed, “Got to start somewhere. I have videos of me back in the day in Charlotte watching my dad play.”

Later in the interview, the proud and hopeful father said, He’s learning dribbling, and he even liked his uncle Damion eurostep finish the other day. ​He’s learning all the terminology. It’s pretty cool.”

If the child can do all this without being trained, just imagine what he could achieve once he begins with formal training. Stay tuned for more such updates on the growth of another junior Curry!

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