Wait, are you guys bringing your phones into the shower?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 under a waterfall.
Just because you can bring a waterproof phone into the shower doesn’t mean you should. | Photo by Dieter Bohn / Report Door

There’s one last place in my life where the alerts, texts, pings, and emails, emails, emails! can’t find me: the shower. It is a sacred space where I process information, brainstorm, and sometimes, as a treat, anxiety-spiral over something dumb I said 15 years ago. But it has come to my attention that some of you are violating the sanctity of Shower Thought Time by actually inviting your phones into the shower

. When this came to my attention, I did some digging and discovered dozens — dozens! — of waterproof phone mounts designed for the shower. Truly, I am shocked. You guys are bringing your phones into the shower?

I did a little research and polled my Verge colleagues: do you bring your phone into the shower? While it seems that most…

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