Viral Tom Brady Jugs machine video may have been faked

Tom Brady makes playing catch with himself look easy — or so he wants you to think.

A video of the Buccaneers quarterback and future Hall of Famer seemingly throwing perfect passes into a Jugs machine went viral Sunday, but it reportedly was faked.

“I think that’s fake. In fact, I was told it is,” Albert Breer of The MMQB reported Monday. “But for it to be fake … holy crap, did the editor freaking crush it.”

Ari Fararooy, the director of the video, said in a post on Instagram, “Haters will say it’s fake.”

Warm & Fuzzy TV — a Los Angeles-based studio that handled CGI for the video — seemingly responded to the report in a separate Instagram post

, writing, “Looks pretty real to us!”

Shadow Lion, Brady’s own production company, was also part of the video.

In the clip, Brady tosses two footballs straight into the passing machine, before a third dagger he throws knocks over the device, sending the ball flying into the air.

“Let’s go,” Brady says after walking off the field at UCLA.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

“Training camp starts this week. I’m looking forward to having some actual receivers again…,” the 43-year-old captioned the clip that was posted to Twitter and Instagram.

Despite the questions around the video’s authenticity, it has fans and fellow athletes in awe.

“Cmon bruh. You need to stop making everybody feel …regular,” Benjamin Watson wrote in the comments of Brady’s Instagram post.

The tight end, who announced his retirement in March 2020, won a Super Bowl with Brady and New England in 2004.

Brady, who is coming of offseason knee surgery for a reported MCL tear he played on all last season, and the Buccaneers will look to defend their title this coming season.