Vaping For Beginners: How To Build The Ultimate Vape Kit

So, you’ve decided to quit smoking and try one of the most popular alternatives—vaping. A 2019 research shows that most people effortlessly purchase a vape device in local shops or over the internet, which just involves a click of a button. Needless to say, vapes are highly accessible for anyone who wants to try them.

At first, you probably acquired a pod device due to its rise in popularity owing to its resemblance to a cigarette stick but have since determined that it either lacked something or was excessive, and you desire a more tailored option. Fortunately, building your own device is a growing option in the vaping community.

Suppose you want to build your device; using regulated parts from reputable vaping brands is recommended, especially if you’re a newbie. Creating one from scratch and using homemade parts could be highly hazardous and destructive to you and those around you.

If you are more interested in building dab rigs for your THC or CBD concentrates, then you should thoroughly research Dab rig parts, as it will be essential when deciding on your preferred components.

To create a better vaping kit that suits your preferences, take note of the tips below.

1. Choosing A Mod

As with every electronic equipment, your vape would require a base and a power supply system. In this case, a Mod is necessary before you consider other components.

A vape mod is the hefty section of a vape kit that houses the battery and other components. Mods are the most feature-rich but costly section of every vaping device. Many mods provide adjustable settings and higher outputs than other vaping equipment.

Vape mods fall into two main categories:

  • Regulated

Regulated vape mods are safer since a chip lets users adjust the device’s power. These show wattage, voltage, battery life, and other details. A regulated mod is the best option for an easy and secure vaping experience due to the chip that automatically controls the power and other settings.

  • Unregulated/Uncontrolled

In contrast, unregulated mods lack a chip to adjust any factor, and most rely on closed circuits, and the battery’s available energy determines the voltage. In contrast, if you wish to experiment and tinker with vape devices’ intricacies, you may want to try, but with extreme care, unregulated or mechanical vape mods.

Your experience level and personal preferences will determine the sort of vape mod you select. Beginners are generally advised to get a regulated mod to be familiar with the device and its controls first.

2. Battery And Its Compatibility

The battery is one of the most vital parts of any vape mod. The battery provides power for the device and helps heat the atomizer to convert the e-liquid into vapor.

There is a selection of battery sizes based on your power desire and the capacity of the mod you chose. Take note that mods may require different sizes and may require multiple batteries, depending on the type you chose.

A mod with numerous batteries should last you longer than any average vape device. If you’re vaping for the purpose of quitting cigarettes, having a long battery life can help you avoid the temptation of purchasing a pack since your device can function longer.

3. Picking Atomizer And Tanks

The heating element of your vaporizer is called the atomizer. In other words, it is the component that vaporizes your e-liquid by heating it. There are various atomizer products, each of which provides a unique vaping experience. You must consider the following factors when selecting an atomizer:

  • The Coil

The resistance level of the coil influences the amount of vapor produced, the temperature of the vapor, the battery consumption, and the amount of e-liquid utilized. Sub-Ohms to 2.8 Ohms are typical resistance values.

A higher resistance value will produce more vapor smoke but rapidly deplete your battery in the process. The same goes with the e-liquid you own, as it will probably need more frequent refills. While the lower resistance coil will produce less vapor smoke production but prolong the battery life throughout the day, e-liquid refills might likely lessen as it will require more time to deplete a tank with a low resistance coil.

  • The Size Of The Tank

One of the best things about vape mods is you have more freedom to choose the size of the atomizer tank. Larger tanks are preferred as they carry more e-liquid and require less frequent refilling. However, you must ensure that the Atomizer you chose fits the Mod you bought. The measurements can be typically found in the manual that comes with the mod.

  • Drip Tip Or Mouthpiece

Atomizers usually come with drip tips, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to purchase them. If you want a more customized approach, you may check on compatible drip tips for your atomizer. Different shapes may cater to your preference. Mainly it’s changed for aesthetic purposes only.

4. Installing Wicks Or Cotton

Wicks are generally pre-installed in pod devices as they require you to replace the cartridge with the tank and coil. However, with vape mod devices, you must wick the cotton whenever it’s worn out. It’s pretty easy to do after a couple of tries.

You can also have it re-wicked at your local vape shop, but it’s advised to wick it yourself, so you don’t have to rely on other people and be able to do it anytime and anywhere as long as you have the materials needed.


Building a vape kit, even as a beginner, shouldn’t be intimidating. With the guide and extra tips discussed above, you can wisely choose each part according to your needs and preferences. Assuming you’ve read this far, you now have all the info you need to make an informed purchase.