Valorant will finally get a Deathmatch mode in Act 2

One of Valorant’s most requested features will finally arrive in the game’s second act. According to Riot, Valorant will get a free-for-all Deathmatch mode shortly after the release of Act 2 on Aug. 4.

Deathmatch mode is exactly what it says on the tin. Each match will include 10 players, the same number as a standard Valorant match, but there will be no teams. It’s every player for themselves. Unlike normal Valorant matches, however, Deathmatch won’t include any abilities, or a Spike, and every player will have unlimited money to buy whatever guns they want, every time they spawn.

Valorant fans have been asking for a Deathmatch mode since the game first went into Closed Beta several months ago. Part of the fan demand was that it’s simply a quicker and less time-consuming mode, but it’s also an easy way for players to warm up their shooting mechanics before they head into an actual match. Players can even enter and leave Deathmatch games whenever they want with no penalty.

As Act 2’s featured game mode, Deathmatch will replace Valorant’s currently featured Spike Rush mode. Valorant’s free-for-all Deathmatch mode will be released on Aug. 5, a day after Act 2 officially starts. At first the mode will only be available as a beta test, but once everything’s in order, Riot plans to turn the mode on for good.

For now, Deathmatch mode is only scheduled to be the featured game mode for Act 2, however, it’s always possible that Riot will leave it in the game if it’s popular enough.