Updates On Possible WWE Return Of The Undertaker

The Undertaker at Survivor Series

The Undertaker called it a career last Sunday at WWE Survivor Series when he walked out to the ring one last time as ‘The Deadman.’ It was an emotional moment for fans and everyone who has known The Undertaker.

From the Paul Bearer hologram to him saying, “It’s time The Undertaker to Rest In Peace,” emotions were at an all-time high this past Sunday night. After a long build and playing out of the final farewell, there are still fans out there who believe that the Phenom isn’t done yet.

Backstage Update on in-ring future of The Undertaker

According to a report by, after the last farewell on Sunday, The Undertaker was seen telling people backstage that he was finally done. They also noted that despite it being a hard pill to swallow for Vince McMahon, the WWE Chairman is not expected to ask The Undertaker to step into the squared circle again, not for a match at least.

It was certainly difficult for Vince McMahon to let the character fade away, but he realized it was time for The Undertaker to call it a day. It was one of the most emotional backstage moments, as even the who’s who of the business couldn’t contain their tears. The cameras caught all the emotion. So if you’re keen on seeing that, wait for another WWE Chronicle, WWE 24, etc. on the WWE Network.

Some wrestlers at the back even joked at how it’s ‘Never Say Never’ in the WWE. The phrase makes sense, but given the way things ended for The Undertaker, it seemed like a legitimate farewell.


Former WWE Writer Vince Russo didn’t buy it and detailed why this wasn’t the final farewell for The Undertaker. He also stated that the ‘Phenom’ will come back between now and WrestleMania.

No matter what Russo thinks, most of the wrestling community believes The Undertaker is officially done. It is not easy as fans to accept that we won’t see ‘The Deadman’ taking souls and digging holes in the ring again. But as they say, it’s never a ‘goodbye,’ it’s just a ‘see you down the road.’ Deadman Inc. For Life!

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