UK’s biggest hoarder dies before selling off $5M collection

The UK’s biggest hoarder amassed an epic collection including Beatles and Elvis Presley memorabilia, vintage comics, rare books and myriad tchotchkes – hoping to fund his retirement with them, according to a report.

But 64-year-old Ramann Shukla died of a heart attack earlier this year, leaving the eclectic treasure trove of about 60,000 items spread across his three-bedroom home, rented apartment and two garages, The Sun reported.

The computer programmer, who lived alone in Nottingham, spent almost two decades collecting. When space got tight, he even moved to a bed and breakfast recently to make room for his prized belongings.

It is believed he had planned to sell the huge stash to fund his retirement – but it will now be auctioned off and is expected to fetch up to about $5 million according to the outlet.

It took eight workers 180 hours over six weeks to load the collection onto vans after his death.

Among the items to be auctioned by Unique Auctions in Lincoln are thousands of items of Beatles memorabilia, and signed photos and letters relating to JFK, Winston Churchill, Gandhi and Elvis Presley.

Also going under the hammer are more than 6,000 vintage comics, 4,000 rare books, 3,000 chemistry sets and 12 Rickenbacker guitars from the 1960s and ’70s.

Ramann Shukla, 64, spent nearly 20 years collecting items to sell for retirement before his death
Ramann Shukla, 64, spent nearly 20 years collecting items to sell for retirement before his deathUnique Auctions

The items include a rare “Hard Day’s Night” record signed by the Fab Four that could be worth some $5,000 and a Justice League of America comic valued at $1,500. The dozen Rickenbacker guitars could sell for $13,000 each.

“This collection is beyond belief. I met the man’s brother at the house and he was just as shocked as I was. He had no idea his brother lived like he did,” Unique Auctions’ Terry Woodcock told The Sun.

“His house and garage were literally crammed full of items so much so that he had spent the last year of his life living in a B&B. I have no idea how he paid for it all and neither does his brother,” he added.

The auction will take place from Oct. 22-25.