Twitter Is Conducting Research On Replies By Allowing Some iOS Users To React With An Up Or Down Vote

Roommates, developers seem to be plugged into what the Twitter streets are asking for and it shows in their recent updates and projects! Almost a week ago, Twitter rolled out captions for voice tweets, saying they collected feedback from users and made the change “to improve accessibility features.” Now, the social media app has announced they are experimenting with up and down votes as a way to react to replies under tweets.

“We’re testing this to understand the types of replies you find relevant in a convo, so we can work on ways to show more of them,” said a tweet from Twitter S upport.

But, before users get too excited to use the feature, Twitter has clarified it’s “just a test for research right now.” This also means the new feature is only available to certain users, specifically those who use iOS.

Additionally, the reaction can only be used on replies to a tweet versus the initial tweet. The order of the replies under a tweet will be unaffected by the votes. For those expecting to have their down vote seen, think again! The feature is only visible to the account that uses it, but the up votes are visible to other accounts as likes. And Twitter is making sure people don’t mistake the feature for shade saying it’s “not a dislike button.”

Although Twitter is moving in the direction of adding features, the platform has also recently given the boot to others. Last week, they revealed that fleets will no longer be available following August 3, as they’re “ready to explore other ways people can share on Twitter.” As you may already know, fleets was a feature that allowed users to share multimedia content that disappears after 24 hours.

“We had planned for Fleets to help people feel comfortable joining the conversation in a low-pressure way, but it turns out Fleets were mainly used by those Tweeting the most,” Twitter Support said.

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