Twitch Studio, First Own Broadcasting Software Launched by Twitch

Twitch has become a gamer’s place, where all the gamers gather and play through their favorite games.  It’s also a place to watch streamers chat. But the streamers had to rely on third-party broadcasting software.

So, here is Good news for all the Twitch fans over the world. Twitch launched first broadcasting software, Twitch Studio. Now, Twitch users don’t need to download a different broadcasting software, like OBS. They can directly start enjoying the gameplay with the use of Twitch Software. The broadcasting app is in closed beta, the new streamers can apply to join.

We don’t want an hour of setup for our users to start streaming on Twitch. We want them to enjoy what they are passionate about ” – Said Cheng Cheng, Twitch’s director of product management.

Twitch Studio took several months to build. It went through a lengthy procedure of test ing in “different geographical areas”. Most of the team who worked on Twitch Studio were streamers themselves. They understood why its sometimes so difficult to start streaming.

As Traditionally, it’s a multi-step process to start a stream and to configure its hardware, software and network connection. But now Twitch Studio has come up to hide all these complexities and to get started as soon as possible.

What after this?

Twitch studio plans to add capture card, in-game overlay in a coming month to help streamers chat with their viewers. Twitch is planning to add this, for deep integration with other Twitch features. So, twitch studio will help to engage users with their first viewers, if it includes an activity feed, alerts, and chat.

“Aim of Twitch Studio”

Twitch has been a very big platform for all the game streamers. Twitch studio is aimed at new streamers who want an easy route to the Twitch platform. Although there are many advanced options like XSplit, certainly a lot more. But twitch studio will continue to improve and soon will be worth paying for.

So, overall this new software is great news for all streamers.