Turn Outlook Data Into Excel Spreadsheets in Seconds

Users export their Outlook data to Excel for many reasons. For example, they may need to create a list of mailing addresses or open the data in another program. The PST format is versatile: it stores messages along with contact and calendar details. However, its use is also limited. Export is simple if you know a few tricks.

The fastest way to transfer the information is by using third-party tools. A professional PST to Excel converter can deliver the result in seconds. Just pick the source files, choose the settings, and launch the process!

Two Biggest Drawbacks of PST

This proprietary format is convenient, but the files are limited in size. The biggest allowed volume is 2 GB. It is easy to understand that you are running out of space as the mail client slows down. Secondly, PST is only recognized by Outlook, so you need to convert it for other software.

The Manual Way: Long and Complex

If you want to transform the data without third-party tools, be ready for a lot of hassle. This procedure requires the use of both Outlook and Excel. The first stage is export, which is followed by import. Note that the integrity of original data may suffer.

The Export Phase

  1. In the mail client, go to File — Import and Expor The wizard will pop up.
  2. Select exporting to a file and proceed further.
  3. Specify that you need to generate a file of the “Microsoft Excel 97-2003” type and proceed further.
  4. In the directory tree that appears, choose the data (e.g., Contacts) within the PST file.
  5. Enter a name for the file and change the location if necessary.
  6. Click OK and Finish.

The Import Phase

  1. Switch to Excel.
  2. Click on Office — Open.
  3. Browse to the location of the exported file.
  4. Choose the file and Open

Automatic Transfer: Quick and Easy

Instead of juggling different apps, why not use an all-in-one solution? With a special converter for the PST format, you can move and convert your data fast. These tools may be impressively versatile, which means they offer great value for money. One lightweight piece of software will transform your emails to a range of formats, from DOC to TIFF.

Such software is indispensable for offices, and it comes in handy in many situations. Every conversion task is completed with lightning speed. Just select the source files, set your preferences for the output, and hit the start button.

The Bottom Line

Transforming Outlook data to spreadsheets is feasible with or without converters. However, the manual approach is cumbersome: instead of making a few clicks, you need to export and import the data step by step. A converter tool will complete the same tasks in seconds.

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