Trump rips ex-GOP Gov. Rick Snyder after Biden endorsement

Trump rips ex-GOP Gov. Rick Snyder after Biden endorsement

WASHINGTON — President Trump excoriated former GOP Michigan governor Rick Snyder in a Friday morning tweet for supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Snyder, who served as governor from 2011 to 2019 before being succeeded by Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, announced Thursday that he was “proud Republican” who had voted for Biden.

“I would NEVER have taken the endorsement of the man who, through gross incompetence, poisoned the people of Flint, Michigan,” Trump wrote in a Friday morning tweet, referring to the Wolverine State’s lead-tainted water crisis.

“Former RINO Governor Rick Snyder should be ashamed of himself and his service. I was asked to help fix it. Biden took his endorsement. VOTE TRUMP!!!” he wrote, using an acronym for the term “Republican in name only.”

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Snyder slammed Trump’s record on the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve already voted,” Snyder told “Your World” host Neil Cavuto. “I’m a proud Republican. This was a big decision but you come back to the basics, I’m an American first.

“We shouldn’t let partisanship get in the way of good decision-making for our country,” he went on.

“Joe Biden is a better decision than Donald Trump for the next four years.”

Trump responded in a tweet calling Snyder a “disaster.”

“Failed RINO former Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan was a disaster with respect to the Flint Water CATASTROPHE, and a very bad Governor overall. He hurt so many people with his gross incompetence. He reminds me of Sleepy Joe!” he wrote.

The large Midwest state is a must-win battleground in the 2020 race.

Trump carried Michigan by just 10,704 votes in a huge upset over Hillary Clinton and Democrats are hoping to claw it back next Tuesday.

Biden is currently ahead of the commander-in-chief by 6.5 percentage points, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls.

However, Detroit’s Democratic voters told The Post last month that they were on the fence about the former veep after backing Clinton in 2016, with some even leaning toward Trump.

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