Trump Administration Transgender Rights Proposal Opposed By Politicians, Hollywood

Politicians and Hollywood have came together online to voice their opposition to the news that the Trump administration is considering limiting gender definitions to just a label given at birth and determined by genitalia.

The move is been seen as a rollback on the gains of transgender people. They have seen progress in sports, education, rest room access, government programs, dormitories and other areas in the recent years.

According to the New York Times which broke the story, the Department of Health and Human Services is leading the effort to establish a legal definition of sex. The department is heavily backing adoption of a uniform definition of gender as determined on a biological basis that is very clear, grounded in science, objective and is administrable. It wants to limit it to simply “male” or “female and any disputes should be settled by genetic testing.

The reactions that have come so far raged from outrage to vows to fight the proposed classifications.