Top Banking Solutions for GamStop Users

From traditional credit/debit cards to the now more accepted cryptocurrencies, the gambling industry has always offered a wide range of banking options so players could fund their account. In the UK, credit cards were one of the most popular methods, until several regulations introduced in 2020 made them a no longer available option. In the case of players who rushed to register with GamStop, now have it more complicated. Although they can request their removal, a minimum 6-month waiting period must pass before its submission. The situation has forced players to seek non GamStop sites outside the UK.

While non GamStop gambling sites players are available for everyone, they have the risk of not being strictly regulated, compromising our data and even the integrity of our funds. Our advantage over them is the diversity of payment options that can add an extra layer of control and protection with our gambling spent.

Credit and Debit Cards

Unless solely relying on cryptocurrencies, credit/debit cards are welcome by almost every non-GamStop operator, being one of the most common banking options to fund any account, with Visa and Mastercard the most accepted providers. Using credit cards at NonStopCasino sites for gambling purposes is not forbidden, (unlike for local operators) allowing customers to obtain the maximum bonuses in their first deposits with payments done almost instantly. however, certain considerations must be taken.

Credit and debit cards are one of the most susceptible instruments to be exploited so new customers must be sure that their casino or bookie of choice is a legit one. Fees especially on credit cards are usually high on international transactions so additional charges over operations are expected.


E-wallets are virtual money accounts that allow users to receive and transfer money between them or merchants affiliated with the service. Registration is pretty straightforward being the most lengthy step in your ID verification. Funding the account can be done using debit/credit cards and bank transfers.

n most cases, a physical prepaid credit card can be delivered to users with fees and issuing costs varying according to the provider. E-wallets also offer swift processing times, with instant payments and transfers. Withdrawals to bank accounts take only 1-3 business days to process. and your. Most popular e-wallets are Ecopayz, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, and Jeton wallet.


Paysafe is a UK payment service that allows users to perform payments without needing a credit card. Customers only need to approach any affiliated outlet or Paysafe points and register a Paysafe account. Customers can purchase a 16 number pin for any online transaction up to £40. A physical prepaid Mastercard can also be purchased, allowing purchases outside the digital realm and higher limits. An app is available for Android and iOS, allowing the scan of QR code operations and the possibility to fund it with a bank transfer.

Using the pin code on your transactions -including funding accounts- won’t compromise your personal information as Paysafe doesn’t link personal information to the pin. However, you cannot perform withdrawals with Paysafe making users seek for an alternative withdrawal method. On all is a useful tool for those looking to separate their expenses from gambling.

Safetypay Cash Deposits

If you don’t want to link your bank account or cards to your gambling account you can still make cash deposits using Safetypay. Safetypay is a payment processor that allows customers to make a direct deposit to their non Gamstop gambling account trough affiliated outlets or bank institutions.

The process mostly requires submitting a deposit order in your non GamStop casino or sportsbooks selecting the amount, bank, email address, first name and surname. After that, customers will have 48 hours to make their deposit plus processing fees using the provided Safetypay payment code. Outlets will additionally require the merchant code to complete your process. Payments can be done through any banking ’ apps affiliated to the Safetypay network, saving you precious time.

The downsides of Safetypay deposits as a customer, are their higher fees and not being able to withdraw your funds. Because the process goes through the bank, the risk of scam becomes minimal.


Cryptocurrencies have become an increasingly common payment method with Bitcoin and Etherium their most valued representatives. Using blockchain technology, they are a decentralized currency not subject to any financial institution. A useful feature for those who don’t want to link their financial movements to non-GameStop sites.  to our gambling activity

Making a deposit and a withdrawal is not a complicated feat, requiring customers to have a crypto wallet to operate between them, and non Gamstop operators. Because of the cryptocurrencies volatility, the final value after a transaction is subject to variation. Also, each operation made is subject to a small fee for their confirmation in the blockchain.

Operating with cryptocurrencies requires some caution measures as any mistake during the transfer process can result in complete loss of the cryptos. Contrary to fiat, cryptocurrencies are not interchangeable, meaning that customers cannot use Ethereum to deposit on a Bitcoins address. Also, is highly advisable to use mobile apps wallets to scan QR codes and prevent issues like typos while depositing as it will result in loss.

Despite the safety many of these banking methods provide, we must be aware that not all non GamStop sites act in a fair and transparent way, abusing form customers who can be suffering from problem gambling. Always combine your gambling with other activities, and set limits before making your first deposit.