Top 10 unfunny gambling jokes that make you laugh

When there’s enough money, there’s no laughing matter. Humor is subjective enough. But for some, even the most unfunny gambling jokes can be a reason to be in a good mood. Tiffany Cutting, content manager at Slotsspot – has done her best to collect information about casino jokes, reading which you either have one question, such as: “What the f…?” or make you laugh until you cry.

10. The Travel

He had just walked down the street with a sign next to the inn. What are your benefits?

9. Put notes where you know them

The day before I asked my coach. They say they have chips in their hands.

8. Release the balls

The player scolded the bar: “Oh God, that day was a big bet. We lost nine of nine games in football, five to five in baseball and seven out of seven in hockey.

A friend kindly replied, “Well, at least you’ll start playing football.”

The player replied, “But I don’t understand football!”

7. Race

I bet the team was very successful. The horse comes out, stops, and closes the door.

6. Get up

You need a friend to play poker. Last night you talked to your son at an exciting time.

I said, “I’m tired, maybe it’ll make me big.”

5. Ugly ball

My wife asked me to play Strippoker but I found out she just wants to shower.

I turned down my card.

4. Cult in Vegas

Members of the Las Vegas community can send chips to the casino by placing them in a bin. Badges were then collected from all the churches in the city and sent to a Franciscan monastery outside the city to choose from.

Then they go to another casino to choose from.

3. Nuts

The game looks like pistachio. If you have a good trip, I wish you well. If you make a mistake, you want more. Basically, this is your bet.

2. Meat

The player enters the victim and tells the assistant after the count, “I can’t write without $ 100 food.”

He raises his assistant’s eyes, turns to the stage, and replies, “I’m afraid of that promise, sir. The steak is beautiful.”

1. Dog

You walk into a bar and look at poker against a table. If we look closely, we see a dog behind a table. This increases curiosity, comes and stores books and notes about the dog.

Then he is treated on the other side, and the dog on the sheet. The dog runs with other players, plays, loses, hangs forward, faces other players. However none of the other players can play with the dog like other players.

Finally, the man says, without exaggeration, in a low voice to one of the players, “I don’t think the dog is crazy, this is the smartest dog in the world.”

The actor laughs and says, “You’re not ready. If you have a good hand, consider a tail.”


Of course, gambling is serious business. Many will say that jokes are inappropriate here, since the gambler needs extreme attention to help him keep in mind bets, card moves, play in video slots, etc. Excessive stress can be detrimental to the player’s ability, and even his luck. Therefore, funny jokes and professional gambling humor help calm the nervous system. And this is an important component of success in any gambling game.

After all, fortune often smiles on the one who walks through life with laughter. If you will remember about it, the victory will be behind you quite often. And if fortune suddenly turns away from you, a good laugh will help you easily survive it, even with the help of unfunny jokes about gambling.