These Cannabis Vape Cartridges causes Deadly Lung Cancer- Sources Revealed

Cannabis Vape Cartridges sold with the label “Dank” is predominantly causing deadly lung cancer.  The name “Dank” is used for the highly potent cannabis widely known vaping cartridge in the marijuana economy. The ongoing federal investigation revealed the mysterious deadly lung illness caused due to the inhalation of this brand.

An image was released by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety on Sept 23, 2019. The image shows   75,000 THC vaping cartridges packaging “Dank” in Anoka County, MN. The illicit producers use the name of “Dank” on a box to lure customers easily.

The actual culprit has not found yet: INVESTIGATORS said

According to Investigators, so far the actual culprit has not been identified which reported illness in dozens of states.  However, according to officials patients mentioned the Dank name frequently to report about the illness. Like many people sick in Illinois and Wisconsin used cartridges sold in Dank packaging.

This is what the Associated Press has revealed about illegal vaping cartridges:

Wisconsin authorities revealed that an illegal vaping cartridge produces thousands of cartridges loaded with THC oil every day in two years. Even in the last two months, Minnesota authorities have seized nearly 77,000 THC  vaping cartridges. From all these seized cartridges some were packed in Dank boxes.

Similarly, in November 2018, some other authorities of Lorain County revealed about 4 packages. Those packages were mailed from California holding wrapped and sealed packages of Dank Cartridges.

According to a report of federal centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dank vapes are among the class of largely counterfeit brands.  The brand is available with common packaging that is easily available online.  The drug is used by the distributors to market THC- containing cartridges with no obvious centralized production or distribution.

The symptoms of inhalation injury include shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.