The Undertaker Heaps Massive Praise on Bray Wyatt Before WWE Survivor Series

The Undertaker in a match

The Undertaker will be live on the Broken Skull podcast after this Sunday’s Survivor Series. It will air following the PPV, which will feature The Undertaker’s Final Farewell. WWE has recently uploaded a preview of the show, and ‘The Deadman‘ had some choice words for Bray Wyatt.

In the YouTube upload, we see Undertaker playing word association with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin threw random names at Undertaker, and he spoke the first word that came into his mind.


Austin dropped the name of ‘The Fiend’ and Undertaker called him the “future.” Apart from Wyatt, Undertaker called John Cena an “overachiever,” Triple H “one of the greatest,” and Roman Reigns as the “future of the Samoan Dynasty” among many.

Watch the full video below –

Bray Wyatt reminds The Undertaker of his younger self

Bray Wyatt’s current run as a fiend has an extreme supernatural and psychological twist to it. The Fiend’s origin and w hereabouts are unknown, and he claims the souls of his challengers. It is very similar to what ‘The Deadman’ initially debuted as.

Recently, Undertaker also acknowledged the similarities. In a recent Instagram Live with Snoop Dogg, Undertaker praised The Fiend immensely. He said, “I’m enjoying what The Fiend is doing. He’s like that 1990 Undertaker. He’s catching everybody off-guard and doing stuff that people aren’t used to seeing. And what he’s doing is real savvy too. It’s deep and thought-provoking.”

In his initial days, the Phenom did not show any remorse or emotions and pulverized anyone and everyone in his way. Now that ‘The Phenom’ is retiring in all his supernatural glory, it’s interesting to see how Wyatt and WWE have worked together and made a similar character in his image.

Bray Wyatt

The Fiend is very much like Taker and more like a modern day counter part. However, The Taker never had an alter-ego like Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House Character. The Phenom’s bidding was done by Paul Bearer.

On the upcoming Survivor Series, The Deadman will be live but we don’t know what he might do. We won’t be surprised if The Fiend makes an appearance during Taker’s final address.

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