The Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchises have exciting expansion plans

CBS and Paramount have decided to merge their business which will result in brand expansions. Both the production houses have already produced films like The Star Trek and Mission: Impossible. Since 2005 the Star Trek movies and TV shows haven’t had the opportunity to come under the same umbrella.

Now as all hurdles are crossed therefore the movies as well as the shows would come under the merger. For the past few years, the Star Trek movies have had suggestions pouring free of cost.

Star Trek could have produced its unique cinematic universe like the Marvel series. It was often heard that Star Trek need not imitate the Marvel series.

What are the exciting expansion plans for the production houses?

Bob Bakish runs the new production company ViacomCBS after the merge of the two companies. When an investor called Bob the other day, he made it crystal clear that both the films The Star Trek and Mission: Impossible have an edge to compete with all the production houses.

CEO of CBS Joe went onto say from an international point of view the high rise of the films will give them an edge to expand business operations.

Comparisons have already started springing out in the film market. Star Trek movies are compared with Lucasfilm’s Star Wars movies and its recent expansions. Would ViacomCBS defeat Disney? Well, it is a very big question in the minds of many.

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Star Trek is already streamed across all platforms by the audiences.  Star Trek: Picard is going to join hands with Discovery as part of its new expansion plans. On the other hand, Star Trek 4 isn’t in the mind of the controllers. Right now, they are not really sure.

On the other hand, Mission: Impossible is successful in its own terms. Paramount owns Viacom now and the merger is successful.