The Rapid Evolution of Poker in China

One thing you will notice for sure, is that is does not matter in which country of the world you are, there will be a strong poker presence, and this is certainly the case with the Chinese pokerplaying environment and recently the popularity of that game has reached new heights. You can learn more on Chinese poker and best sites to play at Top10PokerSites.

As more and more people have been stuck at home, unable to get outside the way in which people in China play poker has changed, with many amateur and professional poker players choosing to play poker online.

Most Popular Poker Variants Play in China

It does go without saying, that the most popular poker game variant played in China is the same as it is in any other country of the world, and that game is Texas Hold’em Poker.

Below is an overview, in order, of the variants regarding their popularity, and Chinese players can access these games quite easily online if they know how to do so:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha High
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Seven Card Stud
  • Razz
  • Five Card Draw
  • Deuce to Seven Triple Draw
  • Badugi

Both pot limit and no limit variants are popular, and it is all down to personal preferences and often the value of a players bankroll as to which version they will choose to play

Playing Poker in Macau

It will be to the gambling Mecca that is Macau that most Chinese poker players will head to in the hope of winning big at the poker tables.

There are over 40 land based casinos based in Macau with the largest one being The Venetian Macao. Many of those huge glistening gambling palaces offer plenty of cash ring poker games and no end of poker tournaments.

The most obvious attraction for players of playing in Macau is that gambling is perfectly legal there, and irrespective of a players poker bankroll they are guaranteed of finding plenty of tables that suit their bankroll, so high and low rolling poker players are perfectly catered for.

Many Asia Based Poker Players Have Hit the Big Time

If I asked you to name some professional poker players and those that have hit the big time winning huge amounts of cash playing poker, you will probably immediately name some U.S.A. based players.

However, many Asia based players have won big and continue to do so and below are five professional Asia based players that are worth following, but be wary of playing against them as they certainly know how to play strategically and perfectly:

  • John Juanda
  • Elton Tsang
  • Paul Phua
  • Richard Yong
  • Kitty Kuo

It should also be noted that many younger and never heard of before Chinese poker players are making a name for themselves and rising through the ranks.

What Does the Future Hold for Poker in China?

Most professional poker players have to travel wide and far to find poker tournaments that offer those huge and life changing prize pools, and many of them are prepared to do just that.

However, many Asia based countries are looking at introducing legalized gambling venues for the very first time such as Japan and many other countries are rapidly increasing the number of licensed gambling properties within their boundaries too.

As such it is fair and true to say that the opportunities for those living in China that have learnt to fully master the art of playing poker strategically and are prepared to take their chances at live land based poker venues will have plenty of options in the years ahead.

As for whether online and mobile poker sites and apps will be on the increase not only in China but beyond, well there is already plenty of evidence that is happening right now and will continue to increase moving forward.

But at the end of the day, it will always be those players that are prepared to take the risks associated with playing poker and have fully mastered the game that will succeed, no matter in which country they live.