The NBA Suspension May Have Aided The Indiana Pacers More Than Any Other Team

After going months without a basketball game due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA now has an exclusive return plan. The league now has new guidelines in places for the teams designated to resume the Orlando games dated to start late in the month of July. All this will take place right before diving straight towards the postseason game.

On 11th March 2020, the Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks finished the game & this meeting is the latest NBA action experienced by the fans for the year. Many such fans have also opted to bet on the pacers and now awaiting the soon-to-be-organized games. After the last game, the league got suspended the very same night & no team played after that.

This means each of the organizations had the chance to take a break of three months from basketball. Now, for most of the teams, this free time was used to figure out the future path to opt for along with injury recovery, as well as frequently conducted meetings to stay updated.

The scenario was the same with the team Indiana Pacers. The team organized daily chats along with elaborate modeling of the league’s future. Not just that, the coaches for the team ensured constant communication throughout the three-month break.

As per different accounts, all the members of the team were closely knit throughout in terms of information. Although a 3-month long break mid-season isn’t something a basketball team should normally go for, it surely helped them heal throughout. The Pacers could easily mend the entirety of their body from top-to-toe.

Prior to the hiatus by the NBA, several members from the Indiana team missed time due to the injuries. Player Malcolm Brogdon struggled with a vividly torn quad that would have surely kept him away for weeks on the run. On the other hand, Doug McDermott tackled the issue of a sore toe, followed by Victor Oladipo that sat through some games due to the sore knee issue.

Jakarr Sampson’s hip and back forced the player to bench himself for a short time period. Not just that, player T.J. Warren experienced some sickness (unknown) & happened to miss the game. The list of injuries and injured players was long. However, this three-month-long halt to the games gave them a chance to spring back in action in full strength.