The Midnight Sky Trailer: George Clooney Is a Scientist on a Mission to Not Let Astronauts Come Back Home in This Sci-Fi Thriller (Watch Video)

George Clooney’s directorial The Midnight Sky is one of the most talked-about films currently. Premiering on Netflix, the film will see him as a scientist who is on a mission. The first trailer, poster and teaser of the film were received quite well by the audience and now the second trailer of this anticipated film has been dropped as well. The trailer takes the viewers on a journey of a scientist who is trying is best not to let astronauts come back home on earth. Why is he doing so? Well, that’s what the trailer is all about. The Midnight Sky Trailer: George Clooney’s Directorial Looks Frightening for 2020.

The three-minute-long trailer takes us to a post-apocalyptic time where Augustine (George Clooney), a lonely scientist in the Arctic is trying to stop Sully (Felicity Jones) and her fellow astronauts from returning home to Earth. A confounding global tragedy has taken place on Earth and he feels it is his duty to report about the same to the astronauts. George Clooney is accompanied by a little girl on this mission which is moving, tiring and full of emotions.

The trailer begins with the introduction of the spaceship which is in the galaxy on a planet where there is life. Clooney tells the little girl that these astronauts will be returning soon and he has to stop them from doing so because there is nothing left here. The team of astronauts face quite some hurdles during this journey back home while Clooney also struggles to reach a station where he can contact them. Is he able to do save the astronauts or do the astronauts survive all the hurdles on their own, that is something you will want to know after watching the trailer.

Earlier while promoting the sci-fi drama, George revealed that he was hospitalized with pancreatitis just four days before the first shoot of the film. The actor told The Mirror: “I think I was trying too hard to lose the weight quickly and probably wasn’t taking care of myself. It took a few weeks to get better and as a director, it’s not so easy because you need energy. We were out on this glacier in Finland, which made it a lot harder work. But it certainly helped with the character.” George Clooney Slams Donald Trump, Thanks the US President to Make Juneteenth Famous.

Adapted by Lily Brooks-Dalton’s acclaimed novel Good Morning, The Midnight Sky will kick off a limited theatrical release tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 11) before hitting Netflix on December 23rd. Clooney directed adaptation also stars David Oyelowo, Kyle Chandler, Demián Bichir and Tiffany Boone.

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