The Galactus event was Fortnite’s biggest yet

The Galactus event was Fortnite’s biggest yet

The season-ending live event that just took place in Fortnite was the game’s biggest to date, Epic Games has confirmed. The Galactus event, which concluded Fortnite’s current Marvel-themed season, had a record 15.3 million concurrent players, the company said in a tweet.

That beats out the Travis Scott concert from April, which peaked at 12.3 million concurrents during the first showing. The record before that was the Marshmello show, which reached 10.7 million. Epic says that 3.4 million people also watched the Galactus event on Twitch and YouTube. The event saw players teaming up to stop the Marvel supervillain from destroying Fortnite

’s island by piloting an explosives-laden battle bus to feed him.

Fortnite is currently shut down as Epic prepares to launch season 5. Anyone booting the game right now will see a timer counting down until the next season — it’s currently set at just under six hours to go.

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