The Freewrite typewriter gets a smaller design with a dramatic price cut

A pair of hands using the Freewrite Alpha typewriter
The Freewrite Alpha typewriter | Image: Freewrite

If you’ve been intrigued by the high-tech Freewrite typewriter but put off by its price tag, manufacturer Astrohaus’ new design is (maybe) for you. Astrohaus is opening preorders for the Freewrite Alpha, a lower-profile version of its first-generation device. Like the original Freewrite, it’s billed as a distraction-free writing tool that syncs wirelessly with services like Google Drive or Dropbox but for $349 (or $249 for early orders) instead of the original Freewrite’s $649 price tag. An Indiegogo campaign

launches today with a shipping date of July 2023.

The Alpha looks starkly different from either the gigantic original Freewrite or the $499 portable 2020 Freewrite Traveler, both of which will still be sold after its release. At 1.9…

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