The Far Side to make a return after 25 years

After a long period of time, the creator of The Far Side has re-launched the comic strip on Creator Gary Larson took retirement from his work about 25 years back. However, the cartoonist is back with his previous works in his revamped webpage released on Monday.

Furthermore, the creator plans to release exclusive new cartoons along with the old ones in the year 2020. This is to commemorate the completion of forty years of The Far Side.

Gary retired from cartoon making back in 1995 after drawing for regular newspapers for about 15 years. Gary stated the reason behind his retirement as fear and fatigue to eventually fall into the category of mediocrity.

Moreover, in the letter published on his webpage, Gary stated how he used to initially deny considering the digital platform. According to Gary, he tried to keep his work from the internet due to his emotional withdrawal from offering his work beyond his control.

However, the cartoonist stated that he had not foreseen the correlation between the emerging platform and his cartoons. Gary further mentioned his appreciation for the development of security policies. Besides, Gary was reportedly happy with the advancements in the graphics.

The American cartoonist further expressed his feelings on the recent copyright infringement battle. Gary wrote on his dislikes to chase down the websites with cartoons from The Far Sight as most of the time it is a fan operating them. Furthermore, Gary wrote that his cartoons have been used to sell products ranging from rodent control to donuts. This shows the range of his work.

Gary wrote in his letter that he intends to bring smiles to the faces of people. The artist concluded his letter hoping that the reasons for his delay would suffice. He further added that although he delayed coming on the online platform, he has finally joined the party now and hopes to enjoy his time.