The Bluetooth vulnerability could expose device data to hackers

Hackers all around the globe are enjoying their new discovery. Now they can easily breakdown encrypted devices and gather all the data from the hacked Bluetooth device. Researchers mention that hackers have utilized their brain to discover such an awesome method. Hackers do not break the encryption directly.

Instead, hackers allow the Bluetooth devices to have weak encryption which is broken quite easily. This is done by connecting two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

By any chance, a hacker might receive the opportunity to get in between the two devices. The task of fooling users becomes easier for him.

He takes advantage of the situation and allows one of the Bluetooth devices to keep a weak encryption code. It is because the hacker wants to achieve his task easily.

The hacker would have to figure out the password of the other device. But it is achieved within a limited time as one device is already in his hands.

What more did researchers express?

According to sources, researchers have also mentioned that all Bluetooth device users need not worry about the recent flaw. A hacker’s presence in person is of utmost necessity while the connection is established.

Apart from this, the hacker needs to block each of the devices so as to trick the user to provide a weak encryption password. In addition to this, the hacker has to stay very nearby to the device. On top of that, hackers must attack the Bluetooth device in the same manner.

Researchers have also added that not all Bluetooth devices are vulnerable.  The traditional and old devices are subject to such risks. The organization in charge of the Bluetooth can protect the devices by not allowing them to use a weak password. All Bluetooth devices must have a strong password so that hacking becomes impossible.