The best Christmas movies to brighten up this festivity

Christmas has immense cultural and religious significance attached to it. The weather, Christmas trees, and decorations increase peace of mind. Besides, it is undoubtedly the most awaited festival. Moreover, Christmas revolves around celebrating life, merry-making, and spending time with our dear ones. Therefore, what could be better than a Christmas movie to enhance the celebratory vibes with family?

In the cold weather staying inside the house with a Christmas, a movie can be all that one needs. However, one can not define the genre of Christmas movies with specific rules. It is so because; Christmas movies are more about the associated feeling of warmth and brightness. While one may not consider some movies as Christmas movies even though they are set in the backdrop of Christmas, some other movies may feel just right.

Hence, here is a list of Christmas movies from varying genres to captivate you this Christmas.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol is based on Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. Moreover, the movie serves justice to the original plot. Brian Henson has directed the movie and Michael Caine stars as the infamous miser Ebenezer Scrooge. The movie is associated with a wholesome presentation. Furthermore, it consists of a catchy soundtrack.

Home Alone

Directed by Chris Columbus, the movie revolves around Macaulay Culkin as he plays an eight-year Kevin McAllister. The plot follows Kevin as he realizes that his family has left for the vacation leaving him behind by mistake. Moreover, the cameo performance by John Candy makes the movie capable of giving nostalgia to all 90s kids.

The Princess Switch

Directed by Michel Rohl, The Princess Switch adds to the brightness of Christmas. Set around the lives of a baker and a duchess, the movie can be counted on for happy endings. However, the movie stars Vanessa Hudgens in the lead role and successfully grabs the viewers’ attention. Also besides, the movie works wonders on the treatment of the plot.

Die Hard

John McTiernan has directed the movie Die Hard. It is a typical select for a Christmas movie. However, revolving around heroic instances and family, the movie fits in the genre quite well. Bruce Willis plays the protagonist whereas Alan Rickman gets into the character of the antagonist. Die-hard will get you off your rocker with the action and thriller performances.


Encompassing the spirit of celebration in a satirical way, Gremlins is a worthy watch for a Christmas movie. Joe Dante has directed the movie that revolves around the innocent looking Mogwai turning into the hazardous Gremlins. Starring Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates, Gremlins show the possible dark side to cute appearing things.

The above-mentioned movies are strongly recommended for all movie lovers. Therefore, they can be the best picks for this Christmas to look forward to watching with family.