The Attributes Behind a Great Online Casino

Online casinos have breathed fresh life into the gambling industry in the past decade with their accessibility appealing to customers of all ages. However, it hasn’t always been that way. In the noughties and the early 2010s online casinos and online gambling sites in general were a collection of poorly designed and unappealing websites.

The adoption of great mobile apps has certainly helped online casinos to modernise their services, but there are still some providers that seem stuck in the early days of online gambling. So, what is it that differentiates a good online casino from a bad one? Let’s take a look.

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Gaming Software

There are a number of things that people look for when they are identifying the perfect online casino to play for, but the most important aspect is always gaming. A stylishly beautiful web design might help to draw players in, but they won’t stick around too long if the gaming software isn’t up to scratch.

Fortunately, the vast majority of online casinos available right now have great gaming software powering their roulette, blackjack and baccarat games. That’s because of companies like Net Entertainment that specialise in online gaming software.

NetEnt (there are other providers as well) use some of the brightest names in the industry to design their industry leading gaming technology. They then lease out this software to hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos. This ensures a certain level of consistency and quality amongst the online gambling market.

Modern Marketing

Online casinos often take a slightly different approach to reaching out to potential new customers. Affiliate marketing is one of the best, modern ways that online casino companies can reach out to new customers.

This method involves partnering up with other online outlets – usually blogs or comparison sites – and offering them financial rewards for converting visitors to the site into customers.

In addition to this, established online casinos can attempt to engage their customers even further through hiring experts to produce informative blog posts. For instance, John Grochowski, an esteemed gambling columnist and author, has produced a complete guide on how to play craps. Aspiring craps players are likely to land on this page, and the quality of the blog post is likely to encourage them to visit other areas of the site.

Therefore, incorporating an online blog into the design of an online casino can be pivotal in taking a site from initial success to long-term, stabilised success.

Secure Socket Layer Encryption

Now we start to get a little bit technical. Despite been of great value to online casinos, the first two points are merely the basics that any provider should be looking into.

One complex area that often gets overlooked by burgeoning online casino sites though is security. The online gambling industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, and as such is often targeted by hackers and spammers.

In order to protect the sensitive data of their customers, the best online casinos have adopted the latest 256/128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. In addition to this, many of the biggest names in the industry have their own dedicated anti-hacking teams who monitor and defend their sites 24/7.

As well as protecting against hackers, SSL adds an extra layer of advanced security software to all customer transactions, helping to make players feelsafe when withdrawing and depositing online.

Live Chat Support


Most people when asked in surveys why they don’t gamble online respond by saying ‘I don’t feel safe’. For most people that has nothing to do with their understanding of complex security software but more with their worry that there will be no human support available if they come across an issue.

To help assuage the fears of these types of players, the best online casinos have developed great 24/7 live chat support features. Initially automated, these services are designed to overcome a customer’s issues in an effective and friendly manner.

However, it is important for these systems to have a human backup for when a customer’s issue cannot be easily rectified. Good online casinos have real customer support available as often as possible, whereas those that don’t often leave their customers confused and frustrated.


When online casinos first made their appearance on the world wide web, players could only access them in one way. By plugging in their dial-up and waiting half an hour for the homepage to load on their PC screen.

Now players can access an online casino from a whole host of different devices, all on different operating systems. A good online casino must therefore always be up to date in terms of channel integration to ensure that players on Android get the same experience as those on Apple and so on.

This can be a complex and expensive issue for online casinos to overcome, but history shows that it is more than necessary. In the early 2010s when online casinos first started to become available on smartphone there was little to no integration.

The providers that recognised this and began to develop their own mobile apps flourished, whilst those that didn’t are still struggling to recover from their loss of customer share.

Summing Up

To detail all the key design ingredients that go into making a great online casino would require way more than this solitary article. There are scores of small details that help to determine the success of an online casino.

Some may not be immediately obvious when you log on to play with your favourite provider, but you’ll certainly notice them if you play with an online casino that has shirked the little details.

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