The appeal of games of chance – explained!

Games of chance have been a favourite amongst casino goers and fun-seekers alike for many years. In fact, games that involved spinning weapons and chariot wheels and betting on the unpredictable outcome have been found to date as far back as the Ancient Greek and the Roman times, where soldiers would enjoy unwinding in-between battles with makeshift games of chance.

Whilst these games made for an early form of Roulette, other games of chance have developed over time, with Slots, card games, Lotteries and Bingo making up just a few of the popular casino games online, which are also available to take your chance on at land-based establishments.

But, with unpredictable games having been so popular for so many years, we’re left with the question: what exactly is it that makes games of chance so appealing? Read on to find out!

What defines a game of chance?

By definition, a game of chance is a game where the outcome is decided by either a Random Number Generator (RNG) or, in the example of Roulette, the spin of a wheel where the outcome cannot be previously known.

These games might require a little skill, but generally will be based more on the idea of luck. Players may choose to wager money, and because of this, most casino games you’ll find today are considered to be games of chance. In the modern-day, games of chance have become a solid source of income for governments and gaming establishments. In fact, slot games alone make up an average of 70% of a casino’s income annually!

Why the games are so popular:

  • Inclusivity

One aspect that attracts people to games of chance is that they are simple to play, so it doesn’t matter on your skillset. No matter if you’re a beginner or not, the games allow for balanced competition, relying purely on, well… chance.

  • A chance to change your life

In the past, State Lotteries would be run by the monarchy or governments in order to fund local projects. This would allow lower-class citizens the opportunity to purchase tickets, providing them with the chance to win potentially life-changing amounts.

In the modern-day, this appeal is still there, as many games of chance offer lucrative monetary prizes and generally don’t cost that much to play, although nothing is guaranteed and your chances won’t necessarily be increased.

  • For fun

Games of chance are appealing to the masses simply because they’re fun. With an element of excitement and easy, simple gameplay, it’s no wonder players like to take a chance every now and then. A great example of a game of chance that’s played for its social aspects and fun is Bingo. You’ll often find Bingo at parties, specialist halls, and of course, online.

  • Accessibility

In the present day, games of chance are more accessible than ever, making them even more appealing, and it’s all thanks to online casinos. Since the first site opened its virtual casino doors in 1996, the games have become available to play at any time you fancy, anywhere you have access to the internet. So, with Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Slots, and many more games readily available at your fingertips, are you ready to take a chance?