THC Vaping Products includes Death Causing Ingredients, Sources Revealed

THC products are causing the death of People. According to an analysis of a subset of patients, 84% of people who died used THC Products. Moreover, it has actually sickened more than 16,000 people across the country. The center for disease control and prevention find out this data. 

But what substances the people who died from this sickness had been using is not clear yet. It is not clear whether people were using legal or black market sources to vape. But it is clear that THC vape cartridges making people sick.

However, the CDC revealed that people acquire Vape products, mostly from informal sources. These sources include friends or illicit in-person and some online dealers. Like Dank Vapes, a popular manufacturer was the most commonly used brand.

In 2016, US licensed and the unlicensed market for Cannabis was estimated at $50billions. According to the international cannabis policy study, more than 30,000 people in September 2018, was found using Cannabis. 

This is how these products are sickening people!!

Federal health officials and investigators haven’t known the specific product or ingredients at fault in the THC Vapes. But it is revealed that people have been vaping from dried herbs. They vaporizers it for years but there is something wrong in the pre-processed liquids found in vape cartridges.

According to sources, the possible ingredient which is sickening people is Vitamin E acetate. This causes respiratory illness to people. Recent Utah data revealed that 89% of THC containing cartridge is contaminated with chemicals. 

Apart from this, other ingredients which may be the reason for making people sick include chemicals such as pesticides. As these products can be very harmful when vaporized.