Talinda Bennington Gets Engaged Two Years After Chester Bennington’s Death

On the second death anniversary of Chester Bennington, his widow, Talinda Bennington announces her engagement to Michael F. Chester was the Linkin Park frontman and passed away in the year 2017 due to suicide. Talinda was not much under the spotlight since then.

But recently, after two years of Chester’s death, Talinda took over Instagram to announce her engagement. She conveyed her heartfelt regards to everyone, especially her family. She did not leave a scope behind to address her late husband, expressing her love and respect towards him.

She expressed in her post, “I’m on top of Earth to announce my engagement with my angel on Earth, Michael F.” She expressed her thoughts saying, “You can definitely find love after tragedy. The death of your first soulmate does not end it all. I request to all my family, friends, and Linkin Park brothers to welcome him with open arms. It will always be important to me not to let go of Michael’s death in the vein.”

Talinda has three children, a son and two daughters, from her marriage with Chester which lasted for almost a decade. After her husband’s suicide, she filed the 320 Changes Direction and stood for preserving the mental health of her family and friends, on a serious note.

Talinda’s Instagram post ends with an inspiring note to all the suicide survivors where she said, “I’m saying this to all the suicide survivors – You CAN be happy again and you can feel joy, sadness, peace, grief, love, and happiness.”