Coca Cola to introduce its new Cherry Vanilla Coke in the market

Coca Cola Cherry Vanilla Coke

Looking out for ways to keep the consumers stable and expanding, Coca-Cola is to bring Cherry Vanilla Coke to the market. Seeking inspiration from its Freestyle fountains of soda, Coca-Cola will be launching Cherry Vanilla Coke next week. The new flavor will hit the market in bottles and cans with Zero-Sugar and normal variations. With … Read more

Coca-Cola will soon bring its first-ever energy beverage to the US in 2020

Coca Cola Energy beverage

Coca-Cola is entering into the energy beverage market, posing a competition to giants like Monster and Red Bull. On Tuesday, Coco-Cola made an announcement that it’ll be launching an energy drink for the first time to the US next year. The upcoming drink will be marketed under the Coca-Cola Energy brand and will be coming … Read more